What if your lawyer

Drafted documents and spoke in regular English

I can produce reams of paper with latin phrases and legal jargon like any qualified or unqualified lawyer out there. My role is to make sure you understand and know what is in the documents and that your interests are protected not only in the moment but also for the outcome you want for your business.

Focused solely on issues like yours

As an entrepreneur this may be your first or one of a handful of times you are starting, buying, operating or selling a business. Don't use a lawyer that has the same limited experience. This is all I have done for over 20 years and what I do every day. It also happens to be what I love doing because I am a huge nerd and have no other real marketable skills.

Cared about your success and not just billable hours

Every lawyer says they partner with their clients, or are dedicated to their clients. The vast majority are, but my engagements are set up to align my interests with my clients from unique billing arrangements that don't make you pay more or less based on how many words I read per minute but are aligned to results.

Here is what I do for


I work with entrepreneurs from the very inception of their idea to protect the intellectual property, form the correct business entity, protect founders from each other and investors, raise capital from friends and family, angel investors and venture capital funds.

Operating companies

I work with companies during their operating phase to draft employment agreements, vendor and customer contracts, independent contractor agreements, lease agreements, bank documents and anything else that a business needs to keep things running. The entire time I always keep the entrepreneur's ultimate goal in mind so we don't lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Entrepreneurs buying and selling companies

I have literally done hundreds of deals over my career from $100,000 small businesses to multi-billion dollar transactions. There are only a few things that are true on every deal. First there is no such thing as an easy or standard deal, there are always issues somewhere during the process. Second, if your lawyer hasn't done many deals, or doesn't specialize in business transactions, they will likely cause the deal to take longer, be more expensive and potentially die before the closing. My experience gives me a big toolbox to draw from when solving issues and keeping transactions moving.

About Me

That isn't really me, but I think he is awesome

We were introduced to Scott when we launched our business five years ago. We have truly enjoyed working with him, he has become a trusted advisor. We know with Scott our best interest is at heart, he always guides us in the right direction.
Scott was instrumental in helping structure our business. Not only did he quickly assess our objectives, but he helped us think through all the benchmarks along the way that we weren’t yet thinking of. Having Scott as our trusted advisor gives my business partner and I the confidence we need to focus on what we do best.
Scott Christiansen has been with me from concept to reality. LoneStar Life Sciences Inc and all of the medical, agricultural and software subsidiaries was not a simple structure to figure out, but luckily Scott has been highly involved in the development as we progressed over the past few years. Usually attorneys have a bad reputation of being difficult to work with, but not that case here. Scott has been our “go to guy” for both simple or complicated business consultation. I would recommend him to anyone in an experienced business or just starting one.
Navigating through the legalities of running a business can be challenging. Scott helped me with everything from organizing the company to helping us close on our first capital raise. He truly treats my business like it’s his own, always looking out for my best interest. He’s professional, responsive and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend using his firm to any business owner.
Scott has been a great part of building Callbox. He provides sound legal advice through the entire process of starting a new company - from idea, to formation, fundraising and execution.
Scott has been invaluable in our startup journey. From contracts and agreements to more complex things like company formation and equity, Scott has guided us well. We look forward to working with Scott for many, many years to come.