All clients hate to be billed for every 30 second phone call, we certainly do when we are the client. If you get most lawyers to tell you the truth, we actually hate keeping our time and billing in 6 minute (or 15 minute increments) as much, if not more, than you hate the bills.

If at all possible, we provide a fixed or a not-to-exceed cost for projects at the beginning of an engagement. This lets us learn about your goals in order to provide you the best possible service without the concern of a time clock ticking away in the background. Learning about you and helping you execute on your plan is what we enjoy about what we do. For certain opportunities we are willing to make an investment of our time and expertise at the beginning of the relationship to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Some projects still require billing on the standard fee per hour model. For these projects our rates are less than what you would pay even for an inexperienced lawyer at a large firm, and are a fraction of what you would pay for a lawyer with our experience.

When you hire us you pay for our legal expertise.  With that in mind,

  • We don’t charge for faxes
  • We don’t charge for printing a document
  • We don’t charge for making copies in-house
  • We don’t charge for the time we spend learning about your business
  • We don’t charge for the time we spend talking about your vacation, the Rangers or your latest business success/challenge
  • We don’t charge for staying late and eating at our desk when you have a crisis and need help

We run our Firm the same way you run your business, we keep overhead low while focusing all of our resources on delivering outstanding value to our clients. As a result we can keep our rates much lower than lawyers with a similar level of experience while still maintaining a high level of service.

Outsourced General Counsel

We have implemented a program with some of our business clients to act as their outsourced general counsel. This means our clients get the benefit of a dedicated legal team that knows and understands their business at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full legal staff. This can be effective for clients with no legal team, or a legal team that is in place, but cannot complete all of the necessary tasks for ongoing or project specific matters.

From the very onset of an Outsourced General Counsel Engagement we partner with our clients. We will spend time (when you will not be billed) learning about your business’ legal needs and processes. We will try to obtain an idea of the amount of assistance you need, or if we have the expertise to assist you in establishing processes to become more efficient. After we collect the information we will work for the first month at a reduced rate to develop a true feel for your legal needs. At the end of the month we will meet again to discuss whether we both believe the relationship makes sense for your business. If it does we will create a proposal to do whatever legal work comes up within the scope of work we discuss. From that point forward you will pay a set amount and we will complete whatever work you send to us. We will spend a great deal of time working with you on the front end to make sure we are able to provide you the legal services you require at a fixed price. We are confident enough with our experience and expertise that there are no long term commitments from our clients and they can terminate the engagement at any time that they choose.